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Wednesday’s Really Useful Weblinks

by michaelandrewes on 2 March, 2011

This week – money and financial advice.

A great source to check out whether you might be entitled to benefits and working tax credits and to search for grants is turn2us. It has a benefits calculator which you can put you details into and it will give you a rough guide to what you may be entitled (click benefits search):

The BBC Raw website is (unfortunately) no longer updated but it has loads of short videos that help explain a large number of financial situations – buying a house, big buys, redundancy, starting a new job: The money part of the website is at: and see the main Raw site for videos on a large number of other topics at

The Money Saving Expert is a great independent website that has a large amount of advice on saving and indeed making money – it’s at

If you are in debt, the National Debtline can help sort you priorty debts and how to deal with your creditors – its at:

The main national Direct Gov page on money, tax and benefits is at:

The Citizens Advice Bureau’s Advice Guide is at:

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