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Thank you!!!

by michaelandrewes on 20 May, 2011

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and elected me as one of the councillors for St Jude ward on May 5th and also everyone in St Jude ward for the great reception I got on the doorstep during the election campaign.

Those votes will help me and my Lib Dem colleagues, Cllr Hugh Mason and Cllr Peter Eddis and local Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock continue to fight for what local people have told us they want – a better deal for people in Southsea.

I promised at the election to work hard all year round and be a strong voice for Southsea. I’ll keep that pledge.

Please get in touch, if we can help or if you have a good idea, problem, view or gripe no matter how you voted or if even you didn’t. Thank you!

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