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Arctic Convoy Medal

by michaelandrewes on 8 November, 2012

I am asking the City Council to back the campaign for an Arctic Convoy medal. The plea in a motion due to be debated at the City Council next Tuesday (13th November). It asks the council to campaign to get the British Government to permit the Arctic Convoy veterans to be allowed to receive a bravery medal from the Russian Government. It also asks the Council to back the veterans’ fight for a campaign medal from the British Government.

Local Portsmouth resident, Cdr Eddie Grenfell has waged a long fight for a campaign medal to be awarded by the British Government.

I think it is outrageous that the British Government will not allow the veterans to accept a medal from the Russian Government – especially as I understand that the Australian and American Governments have allowed their citizens to accept the medal. I hope that my colleagues will back my motion on Tuesday. I also hope that the British Government will themselves finally award the veterans a medal.

Sir Winston Churchill described the described the route of the Arctic Convoy as the “worst journey in the world”. I believe we owe it to the veterans to honour their bravery – particularly here in Portsmouth, the home of the Royal Navy.

Details of the motion are at: and the agenda at .

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