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Information on snow and bad weather

by michaelandrewes on 18 January, 2013

With today’s bad weather, I thought it might be useful to post details of information and where to get more details of what is happening on travel

Portsmouth City Council website information is at

Roads/Travel: – salting and gritting: Priority 1 and Priority 2 roads in the city have been gritted on Thursday evening and Friday morning. To find out which are priority roads go to

Winter Travel: There are winter travel tips at and a very useful BBC webpage at Above all, obviously drive slower and with more care and allow more breaking time. At 50mph, it takes 53 metres to stop normally but in snow it takes163 metres. Take a charged mobile phone and in case you get into problems warm clothes and blankets and food and drink. Remember the weather may be considerably worse elsewhere in the country so check the travel information.

Rubbish Collection: Rubbish collection for most of Southsea is on Wednesday. It looks at the moment as if the weather won’t interfere with this. But I will post more details on this if it looks as if it will be interrupted. Rubbish collection was started early on Friday but was then suspended after they had completed half their rounds. That Portsmouth Council has kept weekly rubbish collections helps keep on top of this.

Portsmouth Recycling Centre is shut until further notice.

Travel: There is more travel news at

First Bus services have been suspended in Portsmouth on Friday. Some Train services are amended/delayed or cancelled – especially services to Eastleigh and the west. Follow hashtag #snowswt for South West Train services on Twitter or go to

There is an amended service on South West Trains on Saturday 19th January.

There are more contact details and websites for local travel providers at

Schools: Many schools are either closed or are closing early today (Friday): There are more details at:

On salting/gritting roads etc the council tells me: “All the priority one routes in the city were salted twice, once as part of a run that started at 7pm [Thursday] and once as part of a second round that started at 3am. The roads treated included the motorway and bridges. Colas used twice the normal amount of salt overnight. A total of 24 tonnes was used. Gritting trucks are out again this morning treating the priority two routes, on Friday morning they were back on the priority one routes, and Colas expect to use 22 tonnes of salt today. Colas staff are also out gritting and clearing pavements in shopping areas, around stations and bus stops and around the hospital. Council staff have been redeployed with shovels and grit, and are helping Colas to keep pavements clear. Staff from adult social care are checking on the city’s most vulnerable residents and two 4×4 vehicles are on stand-by to keep essential services running.”

Please do take extra care in the next few days and remember that even if the snow has stopped and melted the water may refreeze and make the roads and pavements very slippery.

Do let me know if you feel if there are any lessons to be learnt from the way that the council has handled the weather or if the council and/or other services could be improved.

Keep warm and safe!

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