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Friday night update on snow and cold weather

by michaelandrewes on 19 January, 2013

BUSES: In general it seems most bus services are running again but are not serving QA hospital and I would guess would mostly be running on Saturday but see First Bus’s website.

TRAINS: South West Trains say they will have an amended timetable on Saturday – see National Rail’s website.

ICY ROADS: The Met Office are warning of icy roads- see Рmet office warnings  Рperhaps particularly outside the city (but inside as well). So be prepared if driving Рsee the BBC website for tips on precautions to take before setting off. This includes having some cat litter or bits of old carpet to put under tyres in case you get stuck  (and a shovel!). The weather and roads are often considerably worse inland than in the city where the sea and the city keeps things warmer so check the conditions before traveling. Public transport may also be more affected outside Portsmouth and snow may take longer to clear.




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