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Money off energy efficiency measures

by michaelandrewes on 22 January, 2013

Get money off a new boiler and other energy efficiency measures – but you may have to act quickly! The cold weather makes our mind turn to heating our homes and doing that more efficiently. The Government is starting the “Green Deal” next week. Under the Green Deal Cashback scheme, you can get:

  • £270 to upgrade your boiler to a non-condensing boiler.
  • £50 for draught-proofing
  • £250 for cavity wall insulation.

But this is on a first come, first serve basis with only the first £40 million guaranteed at these cashback rates. You have to a Green Deal assessment carried out on your property and it has to be part of the Green Deal.

There is more information including the detailed terms and conditions at and

The Green Deal works by allowing you to get a loan for up-front energy efficiency work and you pay off the loan through your electricity bill.

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