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Christmas Tree Disposal

by michaelandrewes on 6 January, 2015

I have had this from the Council:

If you have a real Christmas tree to dispose of please use one of the methods below:
Christmas trees may be disposed of at your nearest recycling centre. Portsmouth Recycling Centre is open 8am – 4pm.
Green Waste Club members can include Christmas trees as part of their usual garden waste collections. Please make sure the tree’s trunk is no more than about 3½ inches (9cm) across, and cut your tree into pieces that fit in your brown Green Waste Club bin.
Any residents who are unable to get to a recycling centre and are not in the Green Waste Club, can put trees under six feet high (1.8 metres) out with ordinary household rubbish until Monday 12 January – but these will be incinerated and not recycled.
(But in general Portsmouth has less landfill and fewer carbon emissions than areas like Brighton because incineration is a low carbon way of generating electricity.)
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