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Housing Benefit Payment Problems update

by michaelandrewes on 6 January, 2015

As an update to this . I have raised the issue of people incurring bank charges because of the error by the council with the Head of Revenue and Benefits at Council and he told me:

We will certainly reimburse customers who have incurred bank charges solely as a result of the late payment of housing benefit, for the period up until their payment is received if they let us have evidence from their bank. We are in the process of identifying the affected customers so that we can advise them directly.

I will also be pushing for a report to go to councillors on how this could have been better handled – particularly in giving information to local people and the lessons to be learnt from the saga and that they look at how they might better have helped people who may have had to survive on very little money for several days. I will be asking that the council ensure that everyone who might have suffered from additional charges knows that they may get those charges refunded.

If anyone has been affected please contact me by email at or phone 07931 581 588.

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