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Anger at Tory Parking Tax for Southsea

by michaelandrewes on 8 January, 2015

Councillor Michael Andrewes (St Jude Ward – Lib Dem) has voiced his concern and anger at the proposal by the Conservative administration to charge thousands of his residents to park near their homes. He branded it a parking tax. He will be speaking against the plan for first parking permits to cost £40 at a meeting today, Thursday 8th January at 5pm – details of meeting here

Cllr Andrewes said: “This hits thousands of my residents right in their wallet – effectively it is additional council tax. A “parking tax” for many at a time when people are experiencing a cost of living squeeze. It is a burden that falls most heavily on Southsea because unlike areas such as Drayton people are coming in to shop, go to the Theatre or to pubs putting parking under pressure. The business rates derived from this already rakes in millions of pounds for the council.”

“The Lib Dems have said that there is a way forward that avoids charging. They proposed a budget at December’s council meeting that meets the cost from cutting layers senior management sitting in council office and perks for councillors. But in the long term, we have also seen that by running zones slightly differently they can break even or make a surplus – avoiding charging people. The Tory Transport boss has promised a review or parking but that is yet to start. This puts the cart before the horse. It should be No Review – No Parking Tax.”

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