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Make planning more local

by michaelandrewes on 20 January, 2015

Do you want Portsmouth planning decisions decided in Bristol? I don’t!

I am sure Bristol is a very nice place but it is a long way from Portsmouth and I don’t want decisions about Portsmouth decided there.

But many are because it is the home of Central Government’s Planning Inspectorate. And if developers are turned down in Portsmouth they often succeed by appealing to the Planning Inspectorate

Planning has played a large part of my workload as a councillor over the past years. Often taking many hours research to present a convincing argument to the planning committee. And over the past 12 months, I have been to virtually every planning meeting to work with local people to argue against inappropriate developments. And working with you, I have had a lot of successes against unsuitable developments including recently in Pelham Road, Taswell Road and Inglis Road.

But I believe that planning decisions are best taken locally where people know the local area not hundreds of miles away. A Conservative MP – Nick Herbert has said that he will table amendments in Parliament to abolish the Planning Inspectorate. I am asking Portsmouth City Council to adopt a policy of supporting this.

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