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Bin Parking Charge

by michaelandrewes on 3 February, 2015

Cllr Michael Andrewes (Liberal Democrat – St Jude) has got the council’s proposal to charge for the first residents parking permit to go to a scrutiny committee which can ask the Tory Transport boss to reconsider his decision to introduce charges. In his submission bringing it to the committee Cllr Andrewes is calling for the charge to be binned. The meeting is on Friday 6th February at 2.30pm. People can register to have their say to the committee by phoning 023 9283 4058 or emailing by midday on Thursday.

Calculations by Cllr Andrewes show that the council would probably only need to raise £40,000 to cover costs of the city’s parking schemes rather than the £380,000 they are raising. More efficient enforcement would actually mean the council making a profit without having to charge for first permits.

Cllr Andrewes said: “Residents in my ward are up in arms about this new Conservative stealth “parking tax”. This is solely about raising money for the council while the Conservatives, backed by Labour and UKIP, lavish money on plush new offices and flat screen TVs.  I hope that people will come to the meeting to have their say and that the committee considers this very carefully indeed. My view at the moment is the charge should be binned. Southsea bears the brunt of people coming into the city to shop and visit and this swells the council coffers by millions of pounds a year.”

Calculations are as follows:

Cost of residents zones in council paper (currently 9468 permits. £40 per permit raises £378,720) £380,000
But costs of residents zones includes a notional £200,000 a year set up costs for new zones but the administration have said that they will not introduce any new zones until 2017 £200,000
Extra Revenue 2nd/3rd Permits increase £12,000
Surplus from MC and MB Zone if re-introduced and they proved popular (source council papers) £89,000
Other Revenue from additional charges detailed in paper presented to T&T decision meeting (estimate) £20,000
Minimum estimate of saving by processing of permits online £19,000
Total Cost £40,000


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