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Animal welfare charter for Portsmouth

by michaelandrewes on 13 March, 2015

I am calling for a comprehensive animal welfare charter to be introduced by Portsmouth City Council. The first stage is at next week’s council meeting. If you support this then please support my petition at

There are more details on it at

In summary it calls for the City Council:

  • To oppose vivisection
  • Ban circuses with animals on council owned land
  • Discourage the use of animals as prizes
  • Encourage responsible pet ownership
  • Condemn foie gras
  • Support a ban on the sale of wild animal skins
  • Prohibit the sale of animals or livestock on Portsmouth City Council land
  • Ensure any mayoral or ceremonial robes do not contain real fur
  • Use only humane methods of pest control
  • Promote humane methods of pest control at home
  • Promote the safe disposal of everyday items that pose a danger to animals such as plastic bags, elastic bands and balloons.
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