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Councillor to ask council to back his campaign for cheaper bus fares

by michaelandrewes on 16 March, 2015

Councillor to ask council to back his campaign for cheaper bus fares

At a meeting on Tuesday Cllr Andrewes is ask Portsmouth City Council to back his campaign for cheaper bus fares in the city. This follows a significant reduction in fuel prices over the last 12 months. In January First Bus increased the price of some of its tickets including some individual fares by 6% and its three monthly season ticket by 3%. This compares with fuel prices decreasing by more than 10% since January 2014 and year-on-year inflation rate of 0.3%. Treasury Minister, Danny Alexander wrote to the major bus companies in January demanding that they reduce bus fares, following the decrease in fuel.

Cllr Andrewes is asking that the council writes to both First Bus and Stagecoach and a council scrutiny committee quizzes the companies over their fares.

Cllr Andrewes said: “These are large companies making hundreds of millions of pounds of profit a year. They seem intent on profiteering at the expense of passengers in Portsmouth and South Hampshire. I hope that the council backs my view that this is outrageous and the council should now be calling the bus firms to account over their fares policy.”

First Bus Ticket Rises:

Cost of diesel:

Details of Danny Alexander’s letter to bus companies:

First Bus financial results at:

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