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No need for Tory Parking Tax

by michaelandrewes on 1 May, 2015

There is no need for the Tories’ “parking tax of charging for the first permit. The figures from the city council show a very small cost and that can be eliminated and indeed a small surplus made if they can be applied for and renewed online (in line with savings achieved by other councils).

Cost of administrating residents zones (source: Portsmouth City Council) £180,000
Extra Revenue from parking zones agreed by member for Traffic and Transport excluding first permits (source: Portsmouth City Council) £60,000
Surplus from MC and MB Zone if re-introduced (source: Portsmouth City Council) £89,000
Minimum estimate of saving by processing of permits online (assume 20% saving) £36,000
Total costs £180,000
Total revenue / Savings £185,000
Total surplus £5,000


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