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Have your say on Southsea Shopping and Restaurants

by michaelandrewes on 4 April, 2011

I am keen that Portsmouth City Council helps market Southsea’s shopping and restaurants better. This will help improve the area and help local people and jobs. Please let me know what you think of Southsea’s shops and restaurants and what can be done to help improve them by taking part in my survey at Southsea […]

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Wednesday’s Really Useful Weblinks

by michaelandrewes on 23 March, 2011

Portsmouth Community First’s  Wealth of Support OnlineDirectory  “Wealth of Support is an annual directory produced by Community First for Portsmouth & Merlin Management Information System for the Voluntary Community, Statutory groups, organisations in the fields of welfare, support, leisure and social care operating in Portsmouth.” – click here There are a number of other useful […]

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War on Grot Spots – Success – Wimbledon Park Alleyway

by michaelandrewes on 8 March, 2011

Good news in the war on grot spots. The council have cleared up the rubbish and fixed the lights in the alleyway by Wimbledon Park Sports Centre. Any problems – let me know via the “report a problem” page

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War on Grot Spots: Southsea Shopping Signs

by michaelandrewes on 2 March, 2011

The “Southsea Shopping” signs are looking a little tatty. The one outside the Waitrose Car Park is not too bad but the one in Grove Road South has graffiti on it. I have reported both to the clean city manager. To join my “war on grot spots” – let me know of any others on […]

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War on grot spots: Outside Southsea Infants School

by michaelandrewes on 1 March, 2011

I noticed that the area outside Southsea Infants School was looking very scruffy this evening – with a lot of rubbish etc. and the recycling bins looking very tatty. I have contacted the clean city manager about this. If you know of any problems – let me know on the “report a problem” page.

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After doing residents’ surveys in the Lowcay Road, Taswell Road,  Wimbledon Park Road area, I have taken up a number of issues. I have reported the issue of potholes in Lowcay Road. And I have taken up the issue of the alleyway by the Sports Centre off Wimbledon Park Road. If you know of a […]

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